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MoliCare Mobile Super

For very severe urinary and faecal incontinence.

Highly absorbent. Especially suitable for night-time use.

Product Size Waist / Hip Measurement Working Capacity* Contents Price per pack Exc. VAT
MoliCare Mobile Super Small 60 - 90cm 969ml Pack of 14 pieces £13.17
MoliCare Mobile Super Medium 80 - 120cm 1089ml Pack of 14 pieces £13.76
MoliCare Mobile Super Large 100 - 150cm 1273ml Pack of 14 pieces £16.94

*Working capacities shown are the maximum absorption capacity

MoliCare Mobile Super

MoliCare Mobile Light

For severe urinary and faecal incontinence

Easy to fit and wear - just like normal underwear

Tear-open sides help you to change used products quickly and easily

Soft, inner cuffs provide extra protection

The breathable backing is kind to your skin and comfortable to wear

3 sizes available - small, medium and large