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MoliFlex Products

For very severe to very severe incontinence.

All in one briefs including an integral belt fastening that ensures the product is quick and easy to fit.

Product Size Waist / Hip Measurement Working Capacity* Contents Price per pack Exc. VAT
MoliFlex Medium 80 - 105cm 765ml Pack of 21 pieces £21 53
MoliFlex Large 100 - 135cm 930ml Pack of 21 pieces £23.43
MoliFlex Maxi Medium 80 - 105cm 890ml Pack of 21 pieces £22.08
MoliFlex Maxi Large 100 - 135cm 1250ml Pack of 21 pieces £24.45
MoliFlex Super Medium 80 - 105cm 1400ml Pack of 21 pieces £24.45
MoliFlex Super Large 100 - 135cm 1590ml Pack of 21 pieces £26.50

*Working capacities shown are the maximum absorption capacity

MoliFlex Products

MoliFlex® belt-fixation briefs provide maximum wearing comfort thanks to the cloth-like breathable textile backing as well as discretion for the user. The easy to use belt-fixation keeps the MoliFlex® incontinence protection pad securely in place and is easy to fit.

For severe to very severe incontinence

Simple and secure fixation through a unique belt

The Velcro tabs can be re-fastened several times

The breathable backing is kind to your skin and comfortable to wear

Soft, inner cuffs provide extra leakage protection

The wetness indicator on the textile backing enables you to quickly identify when the product needs to be changed

Three absorbency levels, each with two sizing options – medium and large

MoliFlex Belt Fixation briefs